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Microsoft has served up dozens of fixes for bugs affecting Windows 10 version both at home and in business. Here's an image from the documents underlining the relevant part: The documents contain snippets of emails sent by members of the USCC. My Profile Log Out. Join Discussion. Add Your Comment. India E-gov projects to reduce corruption and improve entrepreneurship. India Google angers Indian policy makers over "Mapathon". India Facebook Home does have a market, it's India. Please review our terms of service to complete your newsletter subscription. You agree to receive updates, alerts and promotions from CBS and that CBS may share information about you with our marketing partners so that they may contact you by email or otherwise about their products or services.

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Microsoft looks to 'do for data sharing what open source did for code' Microsoft is working to standardize data-sharing terms via pre-designed licensing agreements, the first of which now are available for preview and comment. Windows Latest update squashes two dozen bugs, delivers fixes for Office and IE Microsoft has served up dozens of fixes for bugs affecting Windows 10 version both at home and in business.

The reviews for the phone are poor. No matter the name, HMD or Nokia or whatever names they hide behind, the phones and service are poor.

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My friend's Nokia 6. If you have been following the Nokia's Android phone, you will know they have always been launching new phones in China first before making slight update or shipping exactly the same one to International Market. Log in to your online Appmia user area to view all information from the spying phone. Unfortunately, some kids do not always tell the truth about their private lives away from home. Appmia is the most powerful cell phone spy and tracking software that lets you spy on ALL activities of any iPhone or Android mobile phone. I wanna ask how is it? If it is any consolation..

It could be a conspiracy or a mistake. I got a "smart" watch with an e-Ink display from indiegogo. But when I received it and downloaded the app, I knew it was from some Chinese manufacturer. It refuses to load the app if I don't give it location permission which makes no sense. I uninstalled the app after configuring the watch and use it as a dumb watch now. Edit: after learning location permission is normal I went to find the app.

It's gone from the play store. One ransoms person information is useless, lots of peoples is super valuable. Imagine the Chinise government has 2 million average Joes entire life logged, based off of that set, they can take a few key characteristics of someone outside the set and get an accurate guess of whatever they want.

Then if they want to launch a pro China propaganda campaign they could tailor it to the individual en masse. Or maybe map out connections between communities and try to sever them to introduce strife to the country. Or even just mass blackmail, even an Average Joe could be used as a pawn to move deadrops or something for spies, and if you have proof he's into child porn, hell do what you want. Tangential info on important people is also a possibility, you might find out a prominent homophobic politician fucks gay hookers from the hookers phone etc..

This is why everyone's doing it. It's not about you, not about me, but about all or many of us. Access to mass surveillance data provides reliable, real-time insights into reactions to media narratives, PR campaigns, emerging and dying trends, etc. Same reason the US and UK do.

The best way to get the important data is to get all the data.

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They want it all and they'll sort out what to do with it later, yes they'll trample over everyone's rights but they might just get some important information like what colour boxer shorts a junior government official is wearing. Depends on who's collecting it. The Chinese government and companies they are involved with arent going to hack into your bank account or anything, buuuut they will use joe schmoe to network their way into stuff they do care about.

Say you are looking to figure out what Apples next iphone will be, you dont try and hack Tim Cook, you try and get access employees via their family, and then one of those employees may accidentally leak details to a close friend, or take a picture on their personal phone.

You dont go fishing for a shark with a worm. You use a worm to get a fish, use the fish to get a seal, then you use the seal to chum and lure the shark in. China already has a personal GPS monitoring system with everything they know about said person, for most Muslims in certain regions My bf bought a Chinese vacuum that needs wifi connection and maps our floor for better performance over time.

I told him that China was making a floor plan so they know all our hidey spots when they invade. Told my wife this joke. She laughed.

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I laughed. The toaster laughed. I shot the toaster.

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Because the standard Bluetooth permission only allows device scanning for foreground apps. Starting with Android 6. I'm not surprised this is new to you.

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To add, it is definitely possible to determine a location from Bluetooth. If you've ever had a notification from Google about the store you're in, its possible it was from Bluetooth.

Stores have a location specific Bluetooth ID and the play services pick that up in the background. I don't know how those operate on iOS. We have signs on the highway that tell us how long it takes to certain parts of the city. I've always assumed this was based off of Bluetooth ID's. Mundane data is fuel for AI development. You don't write AI like normal code, instead you dump unfathomable amounts of data into it and it learns.

I would check the permissions, in some versions of Android the "location" permission is required to access Bluetooth LE. I would still recommend being careful, but some Android permission categories in the API are weird. I mean, yeah I'm not a fan of my personal information getting thrown around by orgs bigger than me but I view china getting my shit about the same as I do Facebook.

They're doing the same things, so. The only difference is the head of one looks like pooh bear and the other looks like an alien. Obfuscate your info with gibberish. I, apparently according to Google, am shopping for a Lamborghini. Good question.

Welcome to Reddit,

They might be using it just to better understand the market. Maybe they're just building databases with it. Google already knows a lot of this things. The Chinese are more dangerous to us Westerners because they're a possibly hostile country, but in the fight for privacy we should treat them both the same. Probably something to do with their plans for a "social credit score" system.

If we ever allow China to have any say in how we manage our internet content, or implement a social scoring system across the WWW, it could make life rather difficult for people that disagree with their way of doing things I wouldn't be surprised if they're already keeping a score for foreigners they know about.

Also the power of data increases by a lot everytime you get more of it. You uncover secrets, possible blackmail material, detailed demographics and a lot more. There's a reason why Google is such a huge company based almost solely on data collection and advertising. It's similar to Samsung Knox and their security features again, correct me if I'm wrong, but only Blackberry, Apple and Samsung Galaxy phones are certified for high-profile security jobs, like government workers and such.

From my understanding it just verifies system file integrity and nothing else. Their entire "security" thing is just enabling hardware root of trust on the Qualcomm SoC. That's it. Also all of their phones are constantly behind on major Android versions which isn't exactly secure. Unless you're in handcuffs, then they hand over any and all information to any warrant submitted, whereas Apple just plain cannot hand it over assuming you don't use the cloud, an extremely strong password, and no biometrics.

Taiwan still makes quality electronics and they are significantly more trustworthy than mainland China. Plus it supports the Taiwanese economy. Honestly fuck China and how horribly they treat Taiwan. I don't know about HTC, but Asus are not good at keeping their devices up to date. Security patches seem to be late by month as well.

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Asus have been improving their update speed lately. I'm using the zenfone 5z and it did get an update to pie about a month or so ago and the security updates aren't too bad. It's still definitely an issue but I think nowadays with manufacturers having custom skins and features, actual android updates don't make a huge difference anymore. And if you were really into getting android as fast as possible, it is easy to root Asus phones. They are doing Pie beta program, and there are people put beta firmware on XDA, I didn't try it though.

This isn't about updates, this is about how supporting a tiny island democracy Taiwan that makes high quality electronics is a morally superior alternative to supporting a de jure communist "with Chinese characteristics" dictatorship. Every cent you spend has an impact however small, I'd rather my money end up helping Taiwan grow it's huge electronics industry and beef up it's economy so it can tell China to fuck off, then it go to China spending it on propaganda TV shows, building bullshit to "claim territory" in the South China Sea and threatening Taiwan. You are much better off supporting Taiwan in this instance.

If you want updates, you'd just get a Nokia or Pixel phone. If the Asus phones had any kind of basic waterproofing I'd have gone for that instead of the OP6. But risking my insanely expensive hand-computer every time it rains isn't a great idea to me. Then they came out with that amazing spec gaming phone that looks terrible and costs and arm and leg So they can, and do make quality devices :.

Getting a phone intended for high security. They are expensive and usually a generation or two behind, but they do their job. Since Android is Google, if you are getting a phone from another company, you are sharing your info with two companies.

Oops! That page can’t be found.

As a consequence, if you buy it from Google, it is just them. Also, with the new lineup they included the Titan Security chip so there is that. That avoids both the companies. It's an option. If anyone cares enough about privacy in Android then they should be just fine with this too. But first, we have to wait for the update in the microG services that hopefully will arrive in April!

As someone who just got and is loving the Nokia 7. Yeah this is a new level of wtf. A division of a Finnish company sold to an American company now sending data to China? Not really a good way to characterize it. They are just the hardware maker sporting the Nokia brand, which is basically what Microsoft was for the first year after they bought the Nokia hardware division branding things like the Lumia ICON as a "Nokia" device, which was a Nokia design released under the Microsoft regime.

So, the Nokia as we knew and loved is actually dead and this is just an impostor who took over their name?

Spy app for nokia 7

Sort of, although this particular impostor is run by former Nokia executives and works in a direct partnership with Nokia which licenses the brand to them. As I understand it, Nokia is not an investor in HMD, but receives royalties and has a say on requirements, while also sharing its patent portfolio. HMD is essentially ex-MS Mobile and Nokia Mobile execs, a relatively small company, which bought the smartphone division of Microsoft Mobile, while FIH, a subsidiary of Foxconn bought the feature phone division and the manufacturing division of Microsoft Mobile which is the successor of Nokia Mobile.

HDM designs the phones, provides the patents from Nokia and its own, including those patented by MS Mobile and markets them, FIH manufactures and probably does some lower level design work the phones. I set my 7. I wondered as I input all my data where it might go. Nokia also acquired Mobira, a mobile telephony company, which was the foundation of its future mobile phones business.

If you want to hack a facebook account, you have stepped the right door. Its a gray app that contains gears and is typically found on your home s. Grasscovered lawns, prairies and hillsides help prevent erosion by keeping soil in place with their root systems. It was well noted for its camera, music player, 3D graphics mobile gaming, the innovative dualslider, its GPS and 3. Our products are inspired by Nokias outstanding legacy and they are built to last. This is a great timesaver but also uses up lots of RAM.

Its twoway slide, when opened towards the keypad, allowed access to its media playback buttons. Unfaithful wife and her boyfriend planned to kill her rich husband. The most important factor to consider when it comes to a WhatsApp spying software is reliability. Our Snapchat Hack works on any account and allows you to spy on all their sent and received Snaps instantly. With the help of this hacking software you can easily hack someones phone without knowing them.

Phone Spying Application Android! It extends the life of the device with new features though some would argue that those features were long overdue. News ysis, commentary, and research for business technology professionals. Logo Quiz is one of the must have games for. Stuff You Should Know and not How to hack a facebook account well actually dont leave. Thank you all for your patience, the website and forums are back in business! Do you know,you can hack facebook password with one fake fb page phishing.

A 2, square foot lawn produces enough oxygen for a family of four. I have moderate asthma and my prescription insurance will only allow me to buy 1 inhaler at a time. Because grasses have a positive impact on climate, clean water and air quality, every homeowner can take part in supporting a healthy environment. Exclusively for its hardware. Do you have a desire to see natural 18yearold models pose and strip just for you? The details and performance implications of the Core Animation work are outlined in Tinics blog post.

As noted above, the team invested a lot of time in memory optimization. Multimedia keys were less glossy. Thank you for this article! For other uses, see N On 17 November , Nokia Technologies head Ramzi Haidamus disclosed that the company planned to reenter the consumer electronics business as an original design manufacturer, licensing inhouse hardware designs and technologies to thirdparty manufacturers. The company was also making gains in developing countries with its Asha series, which were selling strongly.

In October , Nokia filed a lawsuit against Apple Inc. New vulnerabilities appear almost daily. How to hack a cell phone text message for free, choose a good software from online and install it on the target phone.

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